Below are the details of this year’s sponsorship levels:


  • $1,500 – Title Sponsor: All advertising for the event will include the company name and logo. This will include radio, newspaper, magazine, and all other advertising materials.

  • $500 – Corporate Sponsor (Event-specific sponsorship.) This amount will place your company name and logo on an individual banner for the public to see on September 25th.
    ($500 sponsors one of the following event components. Opportunities include; children’s pavilion, petting zoo, & entertainment.) 

  • $250 - Supporting Sponsors get their company’s name listed (no logos) where appropriate, will always be included on Social Media promotion. 

  • $50- Friends of the Farm your donation helps our event and you will be included where possible.

  • $ Amount of your choice; featured in ONE social media post & listed on the event page. 

  • In-kind do you have services or products you can donate? We would love your help, please contact us via email, phone call, or FB. 


Thanks for submitting! You will receive a follow-up email and ways to remit your donation.