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Below are the details of this year’s sponsorship levels:

Sponsorship levels:

  • Amount of your choice above $2,000-Paint Patron Plus includes ALL benefits listed below.

  •  $2,000-Paint Patron includes ALL benefits listed below, and your company logo will be added to our billboard located on HWY 80. This sign will go up on October 1st & stay up until September 2024 or longer.

  • $1,500–Title Sponsor: All advertising for the event will include the company name and logo. This will consist of radio, newspaper, magazine, and all other advertising materials.

  • $500–Corporate Sponsor (Event-specific sponsorship.) This amount will place your company name and logo on individual signage by the sponsored event for the public to see what your donation made possible on October 15th. Examples include; face painting, henna tattoos, balloon art, a photo booth, and additional elements as funded. The more monetary support we receive, the more elements we can provide for the public. Includes logo on an additional banner at the entrance on the day of the event, social media promotion, & logo on our website.

  • $250-Friends of the Farm will get their company’s name listed (no logos) on a banner the day of the event and will be included in Social Media promotion.

  • $100- Supporting Sponsor your donation helps our event and is featured in ONE social media post & listed on the event page.

  • $50-Daisy Donor featured in ONE social media post & listed on the event page.

  • In-kind, do you have services or products you can donate to the event or beautify the 4-acre property? We would love your help, please get in touch with us via email, phone call, or FB.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a follow-up email and ways to remit your donation.

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